Infinite Days Rules for Posting


The rules are few and simple:

Respect is not earned--it’s given.

Respect your fellow poster and his/her opinions. No one likes to be personally insulted or "bashed", so don't do it. Groundless accusation of a bash IS a bash.

This is a Days site. All characters, couples, and storylines are fair game on the boards, so don’t be upset if someone/something you like is not what someone else likes.  

Also, on a similar note, while characters are fair game, there are real people behind this show. Fair and/or constructive criticism is fine, but bashing of performers, producers, writers, hairdressers, costumers, gophers or the mail guy, etc. is not.

Discussion of celebrities' private lives is off limits. Official endorsements, public announcements from actors, and quotes from published interviews/verified articles are excluded.

Keep spoilers and rumors on the spoiler board. Provide a link to the source of any spoilers. Spoilers without a verified source are to be labeled as rumors.

Please provide links to any information you get from other sites.  If the site owner does not allow information to be taken off site, please respect that decision and don't link or copy and paste.

If you belong to other sites and want to post information from Infinite Days elsewhere, please link back to the site.

Graphics Size Guidelines

Images are great. We love to see them, however in order to keep the board loading quickly, we have to limit the quantity and size of graphics posted.

  • Signature images: No more than one may be used. Maximum width allowed: 600 pixels, maximum height: 200 pixels.
  • Profile images: Only one animitated image allowed. If your avatar is animated, your signature may not be and vice versa.


Don’t worry, be happy!

*NOTE: Infinite Days Staff reserve the right to delete inflammatory or inappropriate posts/images at their discretion.


Abuse of these rules may result in any or all of the following:

Deletion of the offending post.

Written warning from Infinite Days staff.

Withdrawal of membership.

Banning from Infinite Days. 

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